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Prescription Contact Lenses Brookfield

woman holding contact eye lense case

Are you looking for contact lenses in Brookfield? The Holtebeck Eye Center provides consultations, prescriptions, fittings, and contact lenses for your convenience. Whether you are a long-time contact lens wearer or are thinking about giving them a try, we always recommend starting with a comprehensive eye care appointment to assess the overall health of your eyes.

What Are Contact Lenses?

Eyeglasses can be a pain or annoying for some people. They might cause headaches or be uncomfortable, or you might simply not like them! We get it. Prescription contact lenses are another option for you to improve your vision without anything sitting on your nose or resting on your ears. 

Just like eyeglasses, the purpose of prescription contact lenses is to correct vision problems. These vision problems are known as refractive errors, which refers to an eye’s inability to properly bend or focus (refract) light into it. This issue results in a blurred image. 

There are many types of refractive errors that prescription contacts can address: 

  • Myopia: Nearsightedness, which refers to difficulty with seeing objects that are further away from you. The extent to which an individual is nearsighted can vary greatly. 
  • Hyperopia: Farsightedness, which refers to difficulty with seeing objects that are closer to you. The extent to which an individual is farsighted can vary greatly.
  • Astigmatism: Distorted vision caused by imperfections in the curvature of the eye.
  • Presbyopia: Changes to near vision that commonly occur with age.

At your consultation, we will test your eyes and review your medical history to determine which of these refractive issues you have in order to write your prescription and provide the best recommendations for contact lens types.

Types of Contact Lenses

Contacts are made from different kinds of plastic, with the two most common types being hard and soft contacts. Since the introduction of soft contact lenses, they have become the most popular choice for contact wearers. This option tends to be more comfortable against the eye and allows for longer wear periods as well as more simple storage and care. Additionally, they are easier to adjust when on the eye. 

It is helpful to note that soft contact lenses are usually considered disposable, so they are made for limited use. Different brands and types are made to be replaced at differing frequencies, the most common being daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Something we can discuss during your consultation is what frequency will likely work best for the comfort of your eyes and your lifestyle.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

Since prescription contact lenses can play a crucial role in improving your vision, The Holtebeck Eye Center seeks to assist patients with choosing the best option for them. We tailor our eye care services to your individual needs and lifestyle while improving your quality of vision. As such, Dr. Holtebeck ensures that patients are informed about their eye care decisions so they can be comfortable wearing their contacts every day. 

If you are ready to make the switch to prescription contact lenses or are looking to update your prescription, schedule a consultation with us today! We look forward to seeing you soon.