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Understanding the Need for Eye Care

How the Eye Works

Your eyes are some of the most powerful organs in your body. Composed of different parts, it works in harmony to produce visuals that introduce you to the world.

When light enters through the eye’s cornea, light is bent to enable you to focus. The eye’s pupil will allow a certain amount of light in, regulated by the iris, or the colored part of the eye.

After this, light passes through the eye’s lens, which, together with the cornea, enable light to travel to the retina, which contains receptors that convert light into electrical signals that will travel to the optic nerve and then to the brain.

Tears play an important role in your eyes too. Usually associated with emotional triggers, tears also get rid of irritants and protect the eyes against infections, ulcers and any disturbances to your vision.

It is important that you protect your eyes, and when any signs of eye problems arise, you need to act fast, as impaired vision can significantly reduce your quality of life. However, by addressing issues early, you can get solutions that you need to alleviate problems and support your vision. Contact us today to learn more about how the eye works and what we can all do for you!

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