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Eye Floaters Treatment Services Brookfield

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While eye floaters can be a relatively benign experience, they can also become quite the annoyance and can even signal a larger problem with your eyes. For those reasons, if you experience eye floaters, it is important to understand their characteristics as well as worrisome changes that might occur. Dr. Holtebeck, of The Holtebeck Eye Center in Brookfield, offers a selection of eye floaters treatment options depending on their severity. 

What Are Eye Floaters? 

Eye floaters are experienced as obstructions to your vision. They often appear as dark or black spots, specks, or dots in your near line of vision. They might also manifest as jagged lines, clouds, or webs and sometimes appear to “float” or “drift” around, hence their name. Occasionally, they may also appear as subtle flashes of light.

What causes these visual obstructions? What you are seeing is cells clumped together in the vitreous, the part of the eye that maintains shape and filters light to the retina. Via the shadows they cast, these cells clumping together create the appearance of shapes within your near vision that can be present on occasion or persistently. 

Generally, eye floaters occur in people who are 55 and older but can also be a vision feature for younger nearsighted individuals. Sometimes they also occur due to physical trauma to the eye or head. Additionally, the floaters may appear after contracting Uveitis, inflammation in the eye’s blood vessels which then leak into the vitreous. 

What To Look Out For

The main thing to look out for is any sudden changes to your floaters, which can indicate a problem with your eye health. Additionally, you want to be aware if the floaters are causing undue disruptions to your quality of vision. 

A concerning change would include a sudden or severe uptick in the frequency or size of your floaters. You should also be concerned if you experience light flashes or extreme shadowing in your vision. 

Contact us immediately if you have noticed changes to your floaters in terms of intensity, size, and persistence. We will discuss the best treatment options for your situation. 

Treatment Options

If you are experiencing any of the above issues or are generally concerned about your eye floaters, we will start with an exam to determine your eye health and what might be causing the situation. During the exam, we will check for any abnormalities with your retina, including tears or detachment. In some cases, eye floaters can be an indicator for retinal diseases. While some of these diseases can lead to permanent vision loss and even blindness, most of them can be prevented if diagnosed early. 

If the eye floaters are presenting without complications like retinal diseases, we offer a variety of treatment options. First, we can conduct laser therapy treatment which converts the floaters to gas, effectively vaporizing them. In other cases in which the floaters are more advanced and obstructive, we may suggest a vitrectomy surgery to remove them. 

Book An Appointment To Discuss Eye Floaters Treatment

No matter what the situation or severity of your eye floaters, it is a good idea to have them looked at and assessed. Doing so will help you to know if they require further treatment or if there are viable options for reducing their presence in your vision. In some cases, having your eye floaters examined could literally save your vision. Book an appointment at The Holtebeck Eye Center today to learn more about eye floaters treatment!