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Dr. Aaron Holtebeck is the eye doctor Wauwatosa needs. Serving all of the surrounding communities, the Holtebeck Eye Center provides exceptional eye care with unparalleled expertise. Residents of Wauwatosa choose us for everything from routine eye exams to advanced ophthalmic treatments, trusting our commitment to maintain and enhance their vision.


Our Eye Care Offerings

At the Holtebeck Eye Center, we cater to a diverse array of eye health needs with a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Routine Eye Exams: Fundamental for detecting eye issues before they escalate.
  • Cataract Surgery: Utilizing state-of-the-art methods to restore your clear vision.
  • Glaucoma Management: Trusted strategies to control this chronic condition, appreciated by our patients.
  • LASIK Surgery: A revolutionary corrective procedure for those desiring a life free from glasses or contacts.
  • Oculoplastic Procedures: Specialized care focusing on the aesthetic and functional enhancement of the eyelids and surrounding areas.
  • Care for Diabetic Eye Conditions: Proactive and preventive treatments to combat the ocular manifestations of diabetes.

Why Choose the Holtebeck Eye Center?

Dr. Holtebeck is an eye doctor Wauwatosa residents can trust. Where you receive eye care is a crucial decision that affects your overall well-being and quality of life. Here’s why the Holtebeck Eye Center is the preferred choice for eye care in Wauwatosa:

  • Expert Care Team: Our eye care professionals are seasoned in delivering top-quality ophthalmic services.
  • Customized Patient Care: We tailor our treatments to the specific needs of our patients, prioritizing personalized attention.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Our facility has the latest technology for precise diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Convenient Location: Centrally situated close to Wauwatosa, our clinic is easily accessible to all residents, ensuring that superior eye care is just a short drive away.

Commitment to the Vision Health of Wauwatosa

The Holtebeck Eye Center is deeply invested in the Wauwatosa community and is committed to enhancing the vision and health of our neighbors. As your local eye care specialists, we are ready to deliver exceptional support and expert care.


Schedule Your Eye Exam 

Vision is invaluable—don’t overlook the health of your eyes. Whether it’s time for a regular check-up or you need specialized attention, Dr. Aaron Holtebeck and our team are eager to assist you. Book your appointment today and experience the trusted eye care that Wauwatosa residents deserve.

Ready to protect and improve your vision with the leading eye care professionals? Contact the Holtebeck Eye Center today to book your appointment. Join the many who trust us with their eye health and experience our commitment firsthand.