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Dry Eye Treatment Brookfield

woman getting an eye exam

Dry eyes can vary in severity from mild and occasional annoyance to persistent and distracting problems. No matter their level of severity, having your dry eyes examined is a crucial healthcare step. You may learn that there is an issue with your tear production or even that you are presenting an indicator of eye disease. The earlier we can catch signs like this, the better for your ongoing eye and vision health. But, when it comes to dry eye symptoms, the discomfort may be enough reason to seek diagnosis and a treatment plan. There is no reason to suffer when The Holtebeck Eye Center in Brookfield offers so many options for dry eye treatment.  


Dry Eyes Diagnosis

When you come to The Holtebeck Eye Center with concerns about your dry eye condition, we will begin with a comprehensive eye examination. This exam will include a review of the surface of the eyes along with your eye health conditions and general health histories to help determine the cause. 

We will then likely run different tests on your eyes and, specifically, your tear production. These tests measure the volume and quality of your tears with materials like blotting strips and pH dyes. We might also look for cornea stains and the average longevity of your tears before evaporation. 

Additionally, we may conduct a few other more extensive tests. These include an osmolarity test, which measures the water and particle composition of your eyes. Often, we will find that the proportion of water is lower than that of particles in patients with dry eyes. The other tests involve collecting samples to determine if there are markers for certain dry eye diseases. 


Dry Eye Treatment Options

Once we know more about what is causing your dry eye condition as well as the nature of your dry eyes, we can develop the most appropriate plan for treating dry eyes. In some cases, this treatment will involve medications and in other cases, it will involve a procedure or a combination of both approaches. 

In terms of medications, we might prescribe clinical strength eye drops, an eyelid inflammation reducer, or tear stimulators, including nasal sprays that increase natural tear production. We will be sure to take into account whatever other medications you are currently taking to ensure there will be no negative interactions. 

Other procedures include prescribing specially-formulated contact lenses that assist with dry eyes, closing the tear ducts to prevent excessive tear loss, applying warm compresses to unblock oil glands, eyelid massages, and light therapy. 

When you come to The Holtebeck Eye Center for dry eye treatment, your individualized treatment plan will likely involve a combination of these medicated and procedural options. We always seek the least invasive treatments when possible as well as ones that will be the best suited to you and your lifestyle. 


Contact The Holtebeck Eye Center For Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes are not something you have to live with. Especially if they cause you discomfort or inconvenience in your daily life, you deserve relief and a treatment plan that will provide a long term solution. Additionally, we may be able to spot the early signs of a preventable eye disease or any other eye concerns.  Contact The Holtebeck Eye Center today to discuss dry eye treatment and diagnosis.