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Comprehensive Eye Care in Brookfield

woman getting an eye exam

The Holtebeck Eye Center in Brookfield offers comprehensive eye care services, including both emergency procedures and regular checkups. Experienced and knowledgeable ophthalmologist Dr. Holtebeck aims to provide eye care that is tailored to the patient’s concerns and medical needs while protecting their vision health and promoting overall improvements to the quality of life. 

Why Choose a Comprehensive Ophthalmologist?

As a comprehensive ophthalmologist, or “general ophthalmologist,” Dr. Holtebeck is skilled at performing a range of eye care procedures, surgeries, treatments, and check ups. At the Holtebeck Eye Center, we provide annual exams as well as diagnose and treat eye diseases in patients of all ages. We perform a wide array of eye surgeries as needed, including LASIK eye surgery and oculoplastic surgery. We also prescribe and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses to improve your day-to-day vision as comfortably as possible.  

As a one-stop shop for your eyes, Dr. Holtebeck and his team are able to provide care and treatment that is fully informed by your medical history, factoring in your overall medical health as well as your eye health specifically. When you become a patient with us, we keep records of your exams and procedures for easy reference if a medical issue or emergency arises down the line.  

In addition to our ability to address your eye care concerns holistically, you also benefit from our extensive knowledge, training, and experience. Our team, led by Dr. Holtebeck, can help you at any stage along your eye care journey by answering questions and preparing you for each stage of care. When you visit the Holtebeck Eye Center, you are seeing the only kind of eye doctor who is trained in all aspects of eye care so you know you will receive comprehensive care and guidance.

Comprehensive Eye Care Offerings

Our comprehensive eye care offerings include both emergency and routine check-ups. These eye care services range from addressing specific issues, such as those caused by diabetic complications, to conducting a broad review of your eye health, such as with annual eye exams. We also provide dry eye care solutions, cataract screenings, and options for alleviation of allergy symptoms.  

Additionally, when you come to the Holtebeck Eye Center as a corrective lens wearer, you will receive more than just a check of your current eyeglass or contact prescription. Instead, our team will dilate your eyes in order to examine the retina and ocular blood vessels, along with updating your prescription. These procedures help to ensure longer-term eye health by checking for complications or other unforeseen issues in the eye. The earlier we can spot an issue or potential problem, the better equipped we are to address it.

Contact the Holtebeck Eye Center for Comprehensive Eye Care

If you are looking for an eye doctor in the Brookfield area who can address all of your eye care needs and concerns, look no further than the Holtebeck Eye Center. Contact us today to learn more about comprehensive eye care services and to book an appointment.