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Cataract Surgery In Brookfield

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The Holtebeck Eye Center offers a variety of expert eye care services, including cataract surgery. Through cataract surgery, Dr. Aaron Holtebeck seeks to correct any vision loss caused by cataracts, while at the same time, correcting refractive errors. Additionally, Dr. Holtebeck and staff endeavor to make the surgery process as transparent and smooth as possible for our patients in Brookfield and the surrounding areas. At the Holtebeck Eye Center, you are one step closer to clear, unobstructed vision.   

“Cataracts” refers to clouding in the eye’s lens. They are usually caused by simple aging or an injury leading to changes in the tissue of the eye’s natural crystalline lens. As a consequence of aging, cataracts are most common among people over 55, though they can occur in younger individuals as well. They are most often experienced as a blurring of vision and a sometimes visible cloudy white film in the eye. A developing cataract can diminish the overall clarity of your vision, making it particularly difficult to drive at night due to glaring lights, or do other activities such as reading in dim light. 

For these reasons, it is important to seek care for your eyes if you suspect or know that you have a cataract to avoid any further damage to your vision. 

Our Cataract Surgery Process

The Holtebeck Eye Center’s cataract surgery includes the option of premium lens implants that can correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Prior to surgery, patients meet with Dr. Holtebeck for an evaluation during which they learn about the benefits of this surgery and lens implant options. 

Our friendly and experienced staff will walk you through the cataract surgery process in detail, answer all questions, and address your concerns so you understand the stages of preparation, surgery, and post-op care. Additionally, Dr. Holtebeck will meet with you before and after the procedure. No matter how many times you visit, you will have a consistent point of contact and a familiar face every time you come in.

After surgery, patients often see improvements in their vision within 24 hours. 

 Basically, we want to give you the sharpest and clearest vision, freeing you from the need for glasses whenever possible. 

Lens Implant Options

For your cataract surgery, The Holtebeck Eye Center offers a variety of lens implant options to suit your preferences and needs. The lenses you choose in conjunction with Dr. Holtebeck’s counsel can correct for astigmatism only or astigmatism, near, and distance vision together. You can also choose from multifocal or extended-depth-of-focus lens implants that are correct for astigmatism as well as near, intermediate, and distance vision.   

Technology-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Our new surgery center, the Envision Surgery Center, is a state-of-the-art facility fitted with the newest, most advanced equipment available anywhere. Our cataract surgeries optionally utilize a femtosecond laser, which is known to improve the precision of the surgery process. Our facility also includes surgeon-operated 3-D heads-up displays. 

We are the only surgery center in Wisconsin that provides all of these technologies together in one center, so you know you’ve chosen the most advanced eye care services available. 

Contact Our Brookfield Office

If your eyesight is blurry or you have noticed something cloudy in your field of vision, it may be time for an evaluation. And if you have been putting off cataract surgery, don’t wait any longer!  The sooner you have cataract surgery, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of clear eyesight. When you receive cataract surgery from the Holtebeck Eye Center, you are getting help from an experienced and knowledgeable eye surgeon who is happy to answer all your questions along the way to clear vision. 

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