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About Us

Your Well-being is Our Priority

At the Holtebeck Eye Center, we are dedicated to taking care of your vision and assisting you with leading procedures that will improve your wellbeing and eye health. We pride ourselves in our Brookfield eye care center services.

Our team, led by Dr. Aaron Holtebeck, has their finger on the pulse of the latest developments in eye care and best practices in customer support and technologies. Our patients and their families are at the core of our service offering and we approach each treatment with the necessary care to ensure that it solves and alleviates any discomfort that a patient might be experiencing.

In September 2024, we will welcome Dr. Nausheen Abbas, MD to the Holtebeck Eye Center! Dr. Abbas is an ophthalmologist and cornea specialist. More information coming soon.

Little boy getting eye exam
Dr. Aaron Holtebeck
man looking into the mirror while wearing glasses

Eye Care Delivered with a Personal, Professional Touch

Our practice has a relaxed, professional environment designed to set our patients at ease and where we can discuss procedures and treatments that they are comfortable with. We offer comprehensive eye care, providing various solutions to suit different situations and preferences. This empowers our patients to choose treatments that they are most comfortable with and allows them to get solutions that work for their unique needs and situations.

We also make use of leading, client-focused software that enables us to provide a seamless online experience for our patients, from booking appointments to referencing data and beyond.

woman getting an eye exam
woman sitting at desk with a notebook wearing glasses

Top Team Members at the Help of Tech and Scheduling

Xxx and xxx respectively act as head technician and surgery scheduler to ensure all procedures and appointment run smoothly at Holtebeck Eye Center. Both have extensive experience in their fields and are geared towards providing excellent services to patients.
young boy getting an eye exam