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How To Find The Right Comprehensive Eye Care Doctor For You

Looking for a new healthcare provider is rarely a fun task. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming, especially when you already have a busy schedule and a packed to-do list. Whether you are looking for a new general practitioner, a dentist, or an eye doctor, it is helpful to know what to prioritize in your search. Below, The Holtebeck Eye Center in Brookfield offers some guidelines for choosing the right comprehensive eye care doctor for you. Checking off these boxes will help ensure you choose an eye care specialist who you can go back to for years to come.  

Look For An Eye Care Doctor Who Has Many Specializations

One of the best things a comprehensive eye care doctor can provide is a variety of specializations. This is a benefit because it means they can better diagnose specific eye health concerns as well as treat them in-house. Avoiding a secondary referral is not only convenient for you but can mean the difference between allowing an eye problem to fester and halting its advancement before any long-term damage can occur. 

Dr. Holtebeck specializes in glaucoma treatment, cataract removal, Oculoplastic surgery, LASIK, and more! So, no matter what eye issue you come into our office to discuss, Dr. Holtebeck’s broad knowledge and experience will be able to guide you. 

Look For One Whose Office Is Close To You

This might be obvious, but why add extra stress with a long commute? Unless you are already established with a particular eye doctor who you like (in which case, you probably don’t need to be reading this!), then you might as well choose one that is in, or close to, your community. Not only will a close-eye doctor’s office be the most convenient for you, but it will also show support for local businesses. 

The Holtebeck Eye Center is conveniently located on Capitol Drive in Brookfield. So, if you are in the Brookfield, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, or Milwaukee areas, we are pretty easy to get to! And on top of that, we offer a roomy surface parking lot. 

Look For One With Positive Reviews

While you may be able to ask for recommendations from friends, co-workers, and loved ones when looking for a local comprehensive eye care doctor, sometimes you might not have that option. In those cases, we strongly recommend checking out the Google reviews for potential eye doctors in your area. Online reviews are even a great idea to supplement word-of-mouth referrals. 

We are proud to tout our patient reviews at The Holtebeck Eye Center. Patients often note Dr. Holtebeck’s outstanding treatment options, state-of-the-art technology, and more, like a recent eye doctor review praising our attentive care. 

Look For A Doctor Who Shows Concern 

One of the less quantifiable offerings from your eye doctor and their office should be a show of concern for you as a patient. These interpersonal aspects of health care are what will keep you coming back to a particular provider. In fact, the moments of doctor/patient conversation are considered one of the most crucial for a successful medical appointment. 

Dr. Holtebeck and his professional staff have prioritized not only care but also the patients themselves. We understand that you are a whole person with many other concerns and responsibilities in addition to your eye health. With that in mind, we strive to provide convenience, reassurance, and the health care information you need most at all times. 

Dr. Holtebeck Is Your Comprehensive Eye Care Doctor In Brookfield

If you are located in or near Brookfield, Dr. Holtebeck is the comprehensive eye care doctor for you! He checks all the boxes we describe above. He has a variety of eye specializations, a conveniently located office, an abundance of positive reviews, and employs a team of caring professionals. The whole crew at The Holtebeck Eye Center is ready to assist you today on your road to better eye health. Schedule an appointment with us today!