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3 Reasons To Consider LASIK Eye Treatment

If you are reading this, you probably currently wear glasses or contact lenses. While these are still incredible inventions, most of us can agree that they come with their own sets of inconveniences. Glasses cause headaches and general annoyance for many wearers, and contacts can cause a plethora of issues. They can lead to dry and itchy eyes as well as eye infections if not cared for properly. Additionally, you might just hate touching your eye! At The Holtebeck Eye Center in Brookfield, we offer a third option for eyesight correction: LASIK eye treatment. 

LASIK is a minimally invasive laser eye surgery that allows you to correct your vision without daily glasses or contacts. LASIK eye surgery involves a surgeon-assisted, computer-controlled laser that reshapes the cornea, leading to improved vision. There are many reasons to consider LASIK eye treatment as your next eye care step.

It Frees You From The Hassles of Glasses & Contacts

This is probably the primary reason patients choose to pursue LASIK eye treatment. They are simply tired of the hassle of wearing glasses and caring for contacts. After all, these things are not only a hassle but also constitute ongoing expenses in the form of care products. With contact lenses, you tend to need cleaning solutions and frequent replacement cases to ensure you’re keeping them clean enough. Either that or you have to fork over the money for daily disposable contacts, which are both costly and not very environmentally friendly. 

With glasses, there are smudges and scratches to contend with, even if you do stay on top of daily cleanings! Those daily cleanings require their own supplies in the form of solutions and cloths. Glasses tend to need to be replaced every year or two and are not cheap. And, you might simply not enjoy wearing them, which is a difficult hurdle to overcome. Additionally, even if you don’t mind glasses, they are not practical for some activities like swimming. 

It Produces Permanent Positive Changes To Your Vision 

Once you have LASIK eye treatment, your only ongoing eye care will likely be an annual visit to your Dr. Holtebeck. That’s because the LASIK’s effects are permanent. However, as our eyes age, they continue to change, which means that any usual decline in vision that you would have experienced anyway will still occur. So, that may mean you will eventually need to consider follow-up surgery or other vision correction as you would have with usual and expected declines in eyesight. 

The Surgery Is Minimally Invasive, Efficient, And Quick

Even if you don’t care for surgery, LASIK is a pretty simple and fast one. At The Holtebeck Eye Center, you can expect the surgical procedure to last about 15 minutes. Additionally, we administer both eye-numbing drops and relaxation-aiding medication to make the experience pain-free. 

Part of why the surgery can be conducted so quickly is our commitment to comprehensive preparation and thorough follow-ups. Our lead-up to the procedure is meant to provide us with everything we need, in terms of your eye health history and concerns. It is also meant to ease any anxiety about the process. 

Turn To The Holtebeck Eye Center For LASIK Eye Treatment

If you’re ready to be free of the hassles of corrective lenses and see permanent positive changes to your vision, Dr. Holtebeck and the whole Holtebeck team are here to help. If it’s been a while since your last eye exam, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye care appointment to discuss your eye health and concerns. If you think corrective eye surgery might be right for you, be sure to read more about our LASIK eye treatment process.